Trachelospermum jasminoides

Common name: Star Jasmine

Trachelospermum jasminoides is an exceptional evergreen climber from China and is not only grown for its fragrant little white flowers, but also for its delicate foliage.

A truly lovely climber with a dense habit and glossy dark green leaves, with new growth in the spring showing as lime green. Noted for its diverse uses, either a climbing twining plant or as a low spreading groundcover plant. They twine themselves round anything and is famed for its reliability to cover anything.  Particularly effective at providing screening for fences or for growing over trellises and pergolas. Trachelospermum jasminoides is also a good container plant with or without a framework. The fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers from October to January and are produced in abundant clusters, with a divine scent, especially at night.

Star Jasmine thrives in full sun to part shade and prefers fertile, well-drained soil, however, they need a fairly sheltered position from cold winds and frost.  They are, also, drought tolerant when they are fully established. Fertilise them with compost after flowering and give them good mulch to keep the soil cool. They are fairly fast-growing once established.

Being low maintenance, prune groundcover plants after flowering and also trim climbing Star Jasmine to keep it neat. Be careful when pruning because the stem contains a white milky fluid that can irritate your skin.

Being fairly pest-free, fragrant, low maintenance and water-wise, the Star Jasmine deserves a place in every garden.

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