The Benefits of Interior Plants

The Benefits of Interior Plants

Indoor plants are today more popular than ever before! The pleasures to be gained from growing plants indoors have attracted people for a long time. They are easy to take care of, provide many health benefits, and can brighten up indoor spaces. 

Caring for plants is an excellent way to boost our sense of compassion and improve our health. Health benefits from indoor plants are said to increase our immune system, boost our mental health and improve our creativity. Plants also have a sense of peace and calm around them, and they clean the air from toxins. It means plants do the opposite of what we do: they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, giving us clean air. Some examples are Sansievera, Ferns and Chlorophytum.

Spruce up your Living Space

Indoor plants can add colour, liveliness and visual interest to any interior space with their stunning leave colour and leave shapes. Greenery brightens up indoor spaces and is a great option for those with little outdoor gardening space. Some examples are Draceana, Calathea and Peperomia.

Indoor plants increase humidity indoors, which is especially important in offices where air conditioners are at work the entire day. Some examples are Draceana, Chlorophytum and Philodendron.

Indoor plants reduce noise levels through their leaves by absorption, deflection and obstructing background noise. This is especially true for plants with large leaves, which are great for absorbing sound. Some examples are Peace lily, Rubber plant and all other Ficus spp.

Indoor plants

Saving you Money on Decor

Indoor plants are also an inexpensive way to screen unattractive areas, filling tall empty walls and corners. Some examples are Ficus lyrata, Rubber plant and palms.

Basil and mint can also be grown as indoor plants in a sunny kitchen window, allowing for fresh herbs at hand. Like people, plants need to feel at home and to feel at home; indoor plants need the correct temperatures, light, water and humidity. So lookout for the next blog about taking care of your indoor plants.

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