Autumn Care for your Succulent Garden

Autumn Care for your Succulent Garden

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, with the duration of daylight becoming shorter and the temperature cools considerably. In your succulent garden, you will also experience the awakening of the winter growing succulents like Aeoniums and the beautiful and exciting flowers of various Crassula’s and Kalanchoe’s starting to blossom. Some of you may have some concerns if your succulents will cope with the cold and the rain when it sets in, in the Western Cape. Here are some essential tips to help to see your succulents through the winter season:

Water and your succulents:

Reduce watering your succulents in containers and your garden, as the evaporation rate of the soil reduces during the winter. Add water only when the soil is dry. Remember to turn off your sprinklers system during the winter. Clean the trays where your potted succulents are standing to keep the pots from draining freely after rainy days. Check regularly and remove fallen autumn leaves that may become a problem in the trays on top of healthy succulents. 

Sunlight and your succulents:

Ensure your succulents get enough sunlight with the shorter daytime light, and also check for overlying tree branches that reduce the amount of sun your succulent garden receives. If possible, prune these tree branches back to increase the light. If your succulents in containers are getting too little light, move them (if possible) to an area where they will receive significant light over the winter period.

Soil and your succulents:

The best soil for succulents is a coarse, fast-draining mix, whether in the ground or a container. Ensure that your succulents in containers’ have holes at the bottom that are clear for excess water to drain freely. Also, ensure that the container trays are emptied regularly to prevent standing water.

Pruning of your succulents:

Succulents do not need regular pruning; they usually are pruned to remove dead flowers or to cut back long and ugly growth. Be careful if you prune hard in winter because most succulents are in their resting period, and new growth will take a while to start. 

Pest and diseases and your succulents:

Aloe mites and fungi become a reality during the colder winter months, so keep an eye on your Aloes! If you need advice, contact your retail nursery on how to control these pests. 


Give a little extra love to your succulents: Succulents are easy to grow and need little care. Remember that most of our proudly South African succulent grows naturally in the drier areas of our country. Please take extra care when planting them to help them survive our wet Western Cape winter.

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