Wonderful World of String Succulents

Wonderful World of String Succulents

Succulents are so varied in shape and size, but the wonderful world of string succulents, well, these are just beautiful!

Look how pretty!

Succulents are long-lasting, beautiful, unique, low maintenance, truly amazing and beautiful plants! Succulents with trailing or hanging growing habits are growing more and more in popularity and add a lot of charm and character to every garden or home.

Caring for them is as easy as 1,2,3

String succulents are similar to other succulents when it comes to their care but differ in appearance, form, colour, blooms and size. Their growth habit makes them excellent for indoor or outdoor hanging baskets, container gardening, and instrumental in vertical gardens.


Don’t overwater and keep your hand on pruning!

They need well-drained soil and a bright shade (when indoors, put them near a sunny window). They are sensitive to overwatering, and damp soil can cause root rot. The soil should dry out completely between watering, and they should be fertilized once a month with a liquid fertilizer (or half-strength compose tea) in summer and spring. Prune back any stems that are looking straggly to keep plants neat.

Proudly South African!

Strings are proudly South African plants and occur naturally in the Western and Eastern Cape. The string family has so much character and worth falling in love with. Always remember that they are toxic to our house pets and humans.

Here is some info on string plants we have available at our Succulent Trading Post @ Klein Joostenberg:

String of pearls/peas – Senecio rowleyanus

This beautiful trailing succulent receives its common name from the size and shape of its small, round, pea-like, green leaves that are lined on its stems. Trumpet-shaped flowers appear in summer and are small, nearly white and fragrant. 

String of beads or tears – Senecio herreianus

String of beads’ trailing stems is lined with oval, curved green pointed leaves. Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers are small in white to nearly white and appear from spring to summer.

String of bananas or fishhooks – Senecio radicans 

Being relatively hardy, these are great strings to start your collection with. They are tough, fast-growing and mostly trouble-free. They can also tolerate full sun if given protection from the extreme afternoon sun. 

String of dolphins – Senecio peregrinus

This rare succulent with lush green leaves that looks like tiny dolphins jumping out of the waves is quirky and unique. The longer the stems get, the more leaves you have! White flowers with a tinge of pink in spring and summer.

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