Stachys Aethiopica – A South African Beauty

Stachys Aethiopica – A South African Beauty

African Stachys, Katbossie. The hardy all-year-round beauty

This evergreen, hardy and fast-growing groundcover occur naturally in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State and Kwazulu-Natal, in full sun to shade. It appears delicate, but is very tough, particularly when in full bloom. The African Stachys mainly blossoms in spring, but with a few flowers almost year-round.

Perfect for summer and winter

African Stachys aethiopica can be planted under large trees, used as an edging along the informal garden border, to cover a shady bank or in hanging baskets or containers. It is also a good fynbos garden plant. For best results plant in well-drained, compost-enriched soil and water regularly. Mulch with compost once a year in spring. Once established, it is frost and drought hardy.

Strong smelling means no pests!

Being from the mint family (Lamiaceae) the stems are short, stiff and 4-sided with egg-shaped to triangular leaves with a toothed margin and soft green in color. The leaves are intensely aromatic and hairy. Because of these hairy and fragrant leaves, the African Stachys do not have any major pests. The flowers are spikes of tiny tubular white to pale mauve flowers with a few darker spots. This spreading groundcover is very attractive during spring when in full bloom and attracts bees, butterflies, and birds to the garden. Remember any plant that attracts these helpful insects are lovely to have in your garden as they ensure pollination and distribution of the seeds from the other plants or flowers in your garden.

After flowering trim back to encourage bushier plants and also longer flowering season.

African Stachys

Good for the garden and for you

This African Stachys is used as a medicine to cure feverish delirium, influenza and liver disorders. This hardy plant can also be used for internal haemorrhoids as well as gynaecological problems.

Stachys aethiopica is an attractive groundcover for both sun and shade; it is low maintenance and is an excellent addition to any water-wise garden. Hardy and long-lasting, beautiful all year round.

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