The Alimandi Annual Bonfire Event takes place every year in the month of August and brings together close friends, family and customers. It is a magical day and night of “kuier” with those you haven’t seen in a while, amazing local music and even more amazing food and drinks.


Originally from Colesberg, Northern Cape, our family dream was to own a piece of land where we could live a self-sustaining life. A place where our parents could help watch over their grandchildren and we after them when the time came. A place that we could call our own.

In 2010 the dream became reality during a father and son bike trip that took us all along the West Coast into the southern parts of Namibia. On our departure, we drove past a small holding in Klapmuts, Paarl, and all our dreams started to take shape.

Being the eldest, I had the honour of running the small holding, Alimandi, while my brother Oeloff took over our parent’s business in Colesberg. The plan was that our parents would move down from Colesberg as soon as Oeloff had the business under wraps and eventually Oeloff and his family would follow suit.

Sadly our dad, Nos, passed away literally 2 weeks before he and our mom, Marianne, could move down to Alimandi. After planting his ashes on Alimandi with a River Bushwillow Tree Combretum Erythrophyllum) of “Vaderlandswilg” (in Afrikaans), we started celebrating his life by hosting an annual Bonfire Event for friends, family, customers and friends of friends.


The event is held in August each year and is comprised of a full cast featuring live music, artisanal food trucks, jumping castles, fun activities and overnight camping if you so feel inclined.

Limited to 200 guests, we like to keep it cosy and personal, where everybody knows somebody else.

You can bring your own camping chairs and/or camping gear, picnic blankets, drinks & snacks and enjoy the day with family and friends, live music and good vibes.


This year’s Bonfire Event will again be held on the 17th of August and you can book your tickets through Quicket right here.

We look forward to celebrating with old and new friends!

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